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Creating a web design is something more than developing an interface and assembling the visual elements. Our web designers can design a website that persuades a visitor to trust your business and become your leads. Hire a team of professional web designers to start a digital journey and establish your business. Web Design Ann Arbor provides affordable services without compromising the quality of the design.

Web Design Ann Arbor

Clarity and simplicity are the main aspects of a great design. Web Design Ann Arbor ensures both of these traits for your website interface. Our dedicated web designers are known for creating visually appealing designs to grab the visitor’s attention. They collaborate with marketers to make the website user-friendly and ensure every element is effective in driving user engagement.

Why choose Web Design Ann Arbor to create your website?

As we aim to develop a clean, fast-performing, and highly functional website, we never overlook the importance of user experience. Our professionals create a responsive web design to make it visible to your potential customers across various platforms like desktops and mobiles.

However, our websites are not only responsive but also intuitive and easily navigable. With a responsive web design, we ensure-

Consistency- Our consistent design will never frustrate your visitors. From the navigation menu to contact details, everything will be accessible to them. A good browsing experience will reduce the bounce rate.

Compatibility- Our web designers give priority to the compatibility of the design with different platforms. Our responsive websites are highly compatible, no matter whether your visitors use Android, iOS, Windows, or other operating systems.

Optimized images- We believe image optimization is vital to create a responsive design. Optimized images ensure the super-fast performance of your website. Faster loading time will also improve user experience.

WordPress, a fully customizable, user-friendly, and flexible CMS, has powered several websites. If you want to launch your custom WordPress website, hire our qualified and dedicated web designers.

Our WordPress websites are not only functional but also have a creative design. They are designed to drive more traffic and engage the audience with quality content. Our clean and uncluttered design provides a smooth user experience.

WordPress offers multiple options for optimizing the website to ensure better search rankings. Our designers focus on SEO-friendliness in the design while creating a website. Besides, with regular updates, your WordPress website will become future-proof.

Based on your business niche, our WordPress designers create custom themes and plugins that add functional value to your website. We practice CSS3, HTML5, and other coded markups to develop the most compelling WordPress website.

Is your landing page looking lifeless? Although the page is receiving the target audience, you have not found a hike in sales. To avoid this problem, you can hire us to twist your landing page design. Our web designers in Ann Arbor also create new landing pages that generate more leads and more sales.

Our carefully crafted, customized landing pages represent your brand. Our designers integrate lead forms into your landing page to ask website visitors to submit their contact details.

With a minimalistic yet attractive design, our landing page captures the visitor’s attention. Our landing page designers want to direct visitors to your products or services and persuade them to make a deal. We ensure our page is optimized with relevant keywords for organic search and paid campaigns.

But, when do you need to create a new landing page? You can engage our landing page designers to-

  • Promote a particular service or product
  • Increase conversions
  • Reduce the cost-per-acquisition rates
  • Generate more leads

The eCommerce industry is highly competitive, and a solid eCommerce website design in Ann Arbor builds a strong foundation for your business. Our web designers use flexible CMS platforms like Shopify and Magento to create your eCommerce website design. You can easily manage your orders, track inventory, and add media to your website.

We create a responsive design for our online store and integrate mobile-friendly elements into the interface. Our custom-designed online shopping stores are equipped with different features, ranging from product catalogs to shopping carts. Our aim is to create an eCommerce website design that lets you outperform your competitors.

Our eCommerce designers want to push the limits and bring fresh ideas to life. We never rely on pre-designed templates. Our web design always matches your eCommerce brand and business needs. Hire our professional web designers and let us manage your eCommerce web design projects efficiently.

Web Design Ann Arbor ensures a bespoke solution for your business. Our efficiency and skills enable us to create a flawless website design while considering your business needs and objectives.


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“Badri is immensely good at what he does. He fully understood the brief & delivered more than I expected. Badri will remain part of my business as his talents & knowledge are diverse. What’s more, he’s extremely helpful and makes suggestions to help you too. My business is now really thriving and I will be continuing to do other projects with him as we progress. “

Rashide T. | Director & Owner
Fresh & Fabulous Aesthetic Beauty Salon

“Badri with Web Designs Detroit is very professional and helpful. They built my website quickly and affordably with great skill.”

Brandon Kizy | Attorney At Bkizy Law
Bkizy Law

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